See Chillspace in Action: Summer Events 2015

The Chillspace team have been busy! We love to design and produce events across the UK and this summer that’s exactly what we have been doing. Here is more about our recent activities.

Romantic Style

In Notting Hill, London, we recently took an ordinary living room and reinvented the physical space for an engagement party. The romantic decor featured white drapes covering the walls and ceiling. The room was transformed with minimal chic accessories into the perfect atmosphere for the couple and their guests to gather together to celebrate the engagement.

Sleek and Contemporary

Together with Captivent our in-house design team designed and delivered a successful conference at The Hurlington Club in London.

Guests were greeted by a bespoke blue carpet runner positioned along the building’s front steps to reflect the branding of the client. Once inside, the conference attendees were welcomed by the navy leatherette reception desk in contemporary design. Behind the desk was a bespoke backdrop with a built-in plasma television. Lounge seating for the event was chic and modern, we set up of curved banquettes and ply top tables. The conference backdrop was comprised of bespoke curved plasma surrounds with the addition of cable runs reflecting the technical nature of the main client. The dining area was set up beautifully with an awards backdrop and built-in 90” plasmas, as well as sleek pleated insets.

Designs for Your Next Event

These are just two examples of our recent projects that illustrate how well Chillspace alters spaces to create the exact environment that the client envisions. Whether it is a business or a personal event, regardless of its size, Chillspace provides the design and production elements to take your gathering to the next level.

Create an experience with our experts that will have your guests talking for many months to come! Call us today to book your free consultation with Chillspace for your next event.